Deanu is the second boss of the game. He lives in Deanuford, the kingdom named after himself. He is quite lazy when you first meet him. But eventually, after Ellie beats him, he becomes a bit harder of a worker, including leaving the water for the first time in what can be presumed to be quite a long time, and teaching his monster, Aquid, how to play on land.

Appearance Edit

Deanu looks to be about Ellie's age. He has short, curly dark brown hair, upon which rests his crown, which somehow stays on his head when he's in the water. He doesn't wear a shirt, instead wearing green swim trunks with a yellow top and orange laces. His eyes are the same color.

Role Edit

Deanu is the third boss of the game, thus being the second of the Kid Kings. Ellie first meets him on the way out of the Beach to learn a new ability in Meadeland. He is shown in the water, and doesn't interfere or act mean to Ellie at all. He only chats for a bit, making a brief mention of the Crystal, before laving to "catch some waves" with Aquid.

The next time that Ellie meets Deanu, he explains that back home, he was always being ordered around, but here, he's just living as he pleases. He then accuses Ellie of wanting to spoil his fun. The boss fight then happens.

After the fight, Deanu says that he wiped out, and gives Ellie as much information that he can on the Crystal and Chomp's mother. After that, Ellie leaves and he doesn't show up until the final battle, after Priscilla was defeated. He, along with the other Kid Kings, had taken down the armies of Priscilla and were now preparing to take down her as well.

Personality Edit

He starts out incredibly lazy. He doesn't want to do anything for himself and prefers being in the water to anything else. He complains about being ordered around and not being able to do what he wants when he wants. After he is defeated, he seems to be less lazy and more willing to do things on his own.

Quotes Edit

"Whoa, look at that tide!"

"It was always, Deanu do this, Deanu do that. Day in, day out."

"Ugh, I guess I totally wiped out!"

"Big changes are afoot in the monster world, dude.