Evil Meade
Meade's evil transformation

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Monster Tale


Monster Tale

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Yellow/below it the eyes it show purple, resemblance of zombie


Out of control and seems to be persistent to finish what ever evil desire Meade had.

Evil Meade is a character based on Meade himself. He transforms into his 'evil form' just before the battle with Ellie and Chomp in The Scratch Pit. Evil Meade's behavior seems to be out of control and was possibly created from Meade's evil desires, though it's not implied in the game.

Appearance Edit

Evil Meade wears a red t-shirt with shredded sleeves and an orange beast print on it. His dark gray undershirt's sleeves stop just passed his shoulders, and he has brawler wraps covering his lower arms and hands, only his fingers being exposed. He wears ocean-blue headphones over his head, Meade's golden crown disappearing during the transformation. He has dark gray pants that are pushed up to reveal his dark blue boots. He wears a black spiked belt and has a purple chain wrapped around his right leg.

His eyes are a bright yellow, and he has dark circles under his eyes, possibly from a lack of sleep. His canines are sharper than his normal form, and he looks more wild and crazy compared to his usual self. His hair is somewhat spiked, and is a brown color.

Role Edit

Evil Meade's only appearance is when Ellie and Chomp encounter Meade for the first time in The Scratch Pit. During the majority of his and Ellie's conversation, he remains in his normal form. But towards the end he says that he doesn't want to go back to the human world, because there he was only a kid, while here, he's a king. After he says this, he transforms into Evil Meade with a blast of greenish yellow light.

Ellie and Chomp have to fight Evil Meade and his monster, Krubble. When he is defeated, he does not transform back to his original state, but he does return to his senses, speaking like he did before the battle. After he gives Ellie some information, she leaves, and Evil Meade is never seen again. This could be because Meade did not have a reason to transform, or it could be a way of showing that Meade has changed his ways for the better.

Personality Edit

This version of Meade acts more sadistic and cruel than he normally does, and has the appearance of one who is insane. Evil Meade seems to be more power hungry and aggressive, his behavior being out of control compared to how calm he is normally. Evil Meade is persistent to finish whatever Meade had intended to do himself. He could possibly be a split personality, but it is not implied. Strangely enough, Meade only smiles in Evil Meade's form.

Quotes Edit

"Over there, I was just a kid. But here... I am... KING!!!!"
"It's showtime!"
"H-How could you... defeat... ME... in front of all my fans?"
"You have no idea what you're up against with your foolish wish to return home."
"Sorry folks, this show is cancelled. I'm in need of a brief... intermission..."

Meade's monster, Krubble, appears in the middle of the good and evil sides of Meade.