Kid-King Deanu is the ruler of Deanuford, and the second boss of the game. He has a gelatin-looking pet who encases him in the gelatin and protects him. He left the (presumably human) world and came to the monster world because he was tired of being bossed around. He is tan with black hair, has green eyes, and is only wearing swim trunks.


During his boss fight, Deanu and his blob will go into the monster screen and release four red pellets, which turn into red spiral shells. These shells spray large pillars of water, which damage you for 2 hearts. Be sure to stay away from these shells to survive. When he is on Ellie's screen, he has his gelatin blob shoot parts of itself at you, which can be destroyed by a band blaster shot. Each takes away a heart. They are slow, so you can dodge and shoot them, but he usually fires two busts of two, so an ability Chomp can use that does multiple hits at once and stuns the enemy is best for this boss. Shield and the ability Drill Em', Mister! would be the best for the boss fight.