"Lobster" or "Mister LOBSTER" is the fourth boss, and the monster protector of Zoe, ruler of Zoetopia. He is a large green rabbit with buck teeth, long floppy ears. Zoe carries a plushie of him with her wherever she goes.

Strategy Edit

During this boss fight, you need to use the dash ability, and have a highly damaging form of Chomp. Lobster has an enormous amount of health, and he is quite good a squashing you flat. In his primary phase, he hops into the air and does a ground slam attack under his feet after Zoe raises his plushie and then slams it into the ground. He can either strike the left, right, or middle of the map. The attack takes away three hearts if you get hit. In his secondary phase, he rolls toward you and jumps at the very end of the screen, which is why you need to be able to dash, duck, then dash again in the opposite direction. Zoe's movements indicate which side of the screen he'll be approaching from. Chomp skills recommended: Drill 'Em, Mister and Ghoul's Cascade.