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Monster Tale Trailer

Monster Tale Trailer(2011)

About Monster Tale

Monster Tale is a Platforming Adventure/Pet simulation game released for the Nintendo DS.

It was developed by DreamRift and was published by Majesco.
The game was released on March 22, 2011 and is now avaliable in stores.

==Gameplay==Monster Tale starts as Ellie awakens suddenly in a new world, the Monster World. Ellie quickly finds an upgrade to her Bracelet that allows her to shoot projectiles. Soon after, Ellie finds an egg which contains a monster named Chomp. Chomp soon hatches and joins Ellie on her journey throughout the Monster World. Together, they stop the Kid-Kings to restore control of the Monster World back to the Monsters.                                  Links

MonsterTale official website

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9/21/2011: Hello everyone! If you have Monster Tale for the Nintendo DS please don't hesitate to edit! Even if you are not good at editing I can polish it up for you. Lately Monster Tale is being neglected.. I don't see anyone playing it! Please contribute to the wiki.

6/25/14: Hi everyone! There is a chance for Ellie and Chomp to be an assist trophy for Super Smash bros 4. Just vote here if you want it to happen. Thank you!
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