Traits are certain passive abilities that Chomp can learn which tend to boost his Stats or Resistance to elements. Traits are not like skills, which can be used to attack monsters or protect Ellie from incoming attacks. Different Forms of Chomp can learn different Trait's. It is only when they player "masters" the trait that they can equip the traits to different forms of Chomp. Each form of Chomp can learn up to three traits.

Chomp has several trait slots located on the bottom screen, so each form of Chomp can equip different traits. Over time and with experiance, Chomp can gain more trait slots.

There are 2 types of Trait.

Stat Trait

These boost the stats of Chomp. They also have different levels.

  • Level1 Boosts the stat by 30
  • Level2 Boosts the stat by 50
  • Level3 Boosts the stat by 75

The different stat traits are:

  • Stamina Up
  • Attack Up
  • Defense Up
  • Speed Up
  • Intellegence Up

Elemental Trait

These can boost defense or attack power of each element.

  • Fire Defense Affinity
  • Water Defence Affinity
  • Earth Defence Affinity
  • Fire Attack Affinity
  • Water Attack Affinity
  • Earth Attack Affinity