Rules and regulations(Suggestions)

I wanted to create some rules on this wiki to make sure no vandalizing or people who put random things in here won't happen. Here I made some rules for people to follow. Please, if you have any suggestions let me know because as a member Monster Tale Wiki we have to work together so this won't be another wiki let down.

                                                                           *RULES* Luke Cooper

~ No vandalizing(as in no putting out of the ordinary things like a picture of yourself or stuff that has nothing to do with Monster Tale.

~No Fanfic(wiki's are places where you can find informational topics. But if you do want to fanfic please create a page and make sure that the category is fanfic and only fanfic.

~Please keep in mine that I am not the admin(to be honest I don't think they're coming back) but on the other hand, if there's any trouble of vandalism or anything else wrong please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

~ Please don't give other people hard times(as in no online bullying or bad words) beacause I will see to it that you'll get blocked for a week or for good.

~If there's anything that is needed to be added please do so. Just remember to make sure that it is real facts and not fakes.

~ You can add any video or photo(as long as it is relevant to Monster Tale).

~Don't add anymore information if it's already added!

~You must be 13 or older to contribute obviously. 

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